ONE DESIGN WEEK shows it’s biggest international projects, which took part in this year’s edition, in VIVACOM Art Hall (Sofia, 4 General Yosif V. Gourko St) between 7th and 16th July combined in an exhibition called SIX HIGHLIGHTS | SIX PROJECTS. The selected projects will let the audience from Sofia see everything which it missed out on during the last edition of the festival.

SIX HIGHLIGHTS | SIX PROJECTS features the biggest international projects which participated in the eighth edition of the festival:

  • MIXED IDENTITIES is realized with the kind support of the International Visegrad Fund and is a result of  a 4-day workshop in which designers from the Visegrad countries experimented with traditional Bulgarian textile technique in collaboration with a local factory from a small factory near the city of Plovdiv
  • MATERIALITY BRUTALITY is realized with the kind support of Nordic Culture Fund and is a result of a 10-day workshop in which designers from the Nordic countries explored new opportunities within the constraints of concrete and allowed their findings shape the final product. The project intended to shift the common perceptions of concrete among its users – designers, engineers and the public, continuing its long history of use
  • SMALL CHANGE, BIG DIFFERENCE: DAVE HAKKENS – STORY HOPPER & PRECIOUS PLASTICS with the kind support of  the Creative Industries Fund NL consists of two  projects of the young Dutch designer Dave Hakkens. The first one is connected with plastics recycling and alternative uses and the second one consists of a series of videos in which the author shows us his daily activities, travels, and efforts to turn trash into meaningful, new everyday objects. His aim is to inspire more people with the idea that design is a powerful tool for altering the ways in which we interact with the world
  • BULGARIAN ORDINARITIES / DUTCH ODDITIES presents four projects, and the corresponding workshops, from Dutch designers, which express a new take on motifs from the Bulgarian traditional patrimony
  • DIPLOMATIC SHORTCUTS is realized with the support of Embassy of the Federative Republic of Germany and is a result of a series of workshops aiming of developing and using design methodology to initiate dialogue when confronted with differences
  • LOST IN TRANSLATION is realized with the support of the Creative Industries Fund NL and will present the results of a series of typographic workshops in collaboration with the students from the Werkplaats Typografie


Thórunn Árnadóttir (Iceland), Kirsi Enkovaara (Finland), Kaja Solgaard (Norway), Kristoffer Sundin (Sweden), Studio Nomad (Hungary), Martyna Golik (Poland), Pavla Nesverova (Czech Republic), Klara Sumova (Czech Republic) Lenka Srsnova (Slovakia), Dave Hakkens (The Netherlands), “Mlad Konstruktor” (Bulgaria), Gerard Jasperse(The Netherlands), Adriaan de Man (The Netherlands), Jetske Visser (The Netherlands),  Michiel Martens (The Netherlands), Zep de Bruyn (The Netherlands), Johannes Tolk (Germany), Doris Wietfeldt (Germany), Tenyo Stoynov (Bulgaria), Ivona Ivanova (Bulgaria), Iliana (Bulgaria), Maria Mitcheva (Bulgaria), Robert Milne (Australia), Olya Domoradova (Russia), Jin Kwang Kim (South Korea), Yana Lazarova (Bulgaria), Lilian Shtereva (Bulgaria), Georgi Gikov (Bulgaria), Ivo Popov (Bulgaria).