Eisuke Tachikawa – The influence of the design on the society is inevitable

The talented Japanese designer, who is also one of the speakers in this year’s ONE DESIGN WEEK, shared a few words with Bulevard.bg about the social role of design nowadays.

Eisuke Tachikawa is part of the new generation of Japanese designers and a founder of NOSIGNER – a multi-disciplinary design studio. Mozilla chose him as a designer of their latest office in Japan. The professional portfolio of NOSIGNER is diverse – visual identities and campaigns for big cultural institutions, product and interior design, and art installations.

  1. Mr. Tachikawa, you are one of the speakers in this year’s ONE DESIGN WEEK. What motivated you to accept the invitation of the organisers?

First, I am very interested in Bulgaria. Most Japanese know Bulgaria for its yogurt. However, other things are little known. Therefore, I have been hoping to visit Bulgaria someday if I have the chance. That is why I grabbed that opportunity immediately.

  1. What topics will you refer to the guests of the festival?

What is design, making design function in the society, expanding the benefits of design – these are the topics I am going to talk about.

  1. Could you describe your design philosophy in three words or one sentence?

Design that generates/extends questions.

  1. In other interviews, you speak about beauty as an essential element in design. In your opinion what makes a design beautiful?

Everything is reduced to combining and synchronizing the symbols of design as much as possible. The beauty of nature is originally generated by this repetition.

  1. Perhaps the most interesting project for our readers is the Olive one, launched hours after the earthquake in Japan on March 11. Would you tell us something about it? In addition, how did the project evolve with time?

When an actual disaster happens, prompt responses and reactions lead to design maximization. At the time of Great East Japan earthquake, the unexpected design actually worked better than the quality-oriented one. The feedback from OLIVE have been used in many defence projects in Japan. For instance, “Tokyo Bousai” book (“Disaster Preparedness Tokyo”) compiled by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

  1. Your work is subject to the social needs. Do you think that such а concept of thinking and way of making business could gain more popularity in the future?

The industry of social-problem-solving is a trending one, since it handles tasks essential for the society. The design field of activity will also be touched by this topic.

  1. In your opinion, which will be the main trends in Design in the next few years?

The design will strengthen its role in the current fields of activity and will enter many new ones. Several such are the Collective design, the Social design and Disruptive Innovation.