Game Jam

The Game Jam  is a one day encounter with different kinds of games. The aim of the organizers from Hackafe is to inspire old and young to have fun and discover a new side of themselves through the act of playing. The event is divided in two parts: lectures devoted to subjects like game design and the psychological and social aspect of games first, and computer and board game play later.

Participants in the Game festival will have the opportunity to develop their imagination, knowledge, ability for teamwork, trust in their teammates, logical thinking, tactics, problem solving, and many more in an interactive and pleasantly engaging way. Design will play its part by making the games more intuitive and easy to understand, more fun and attractive. “The better the design is, the more interesting it is to play” say the organizers of the event.

The Game festival includes: demonstration day for games created during Game Jams in Bulgaria (Sofia, Plovdiv, Burgas, Varna), open-air games, board games, arcade games, robots, competitions, digital art, installations, talks, and workshops.