Results from Competition #03 Jubilee Poster: 50 from the Launch of Bombichka

Design competition “Jubilee poster: 50th years from the Launch of Bombichka” has wrapped up with a great success – a total of 250 posters from 125 Bulgarian designers made the selection of the 12 finalists extremely challenging.

On Tuesday, 07.06.2016, the jury members Theodore Nesterov (Brand Manager of Shumensko), Maria Milusheva (Creative Director, Noble Graphics), Joys Stefanova (specialist Advertising and Marketing, ONE DESIGN WEEK), hereby announce:

The first prize is awarded to Svetlin Georgiev Balezdrov, second prize goes to Ivaylo Borislav Naumov, and third place was won by Maria Georgieva Ilieva. The other nine finalists are: Momchil Zahariev Zahariev, Nikola Radostinova Nikolov, Miroslav Petrov Zhivkov, Mario Dimitrov Ivanov, Diana Zhivkova Nikolova, Collective M & S – Mitko Vidolov Mitov, and Stojko Ivanov Balev Ilian Bisserov Nachev, Katerina Mitkova Miteva and Olga Ivanova Stoicheva.

ONE DESIGN WEEK will contact each participant to inform them of the decision of the jury, giving them additional information regarding the next steps – awards, exhibition, tickets to the Design Forum, and a Shumensko Special Jubilee Calendar.

The organizers thank all participants for their impressive projects. Due to the high level of the proposals we will present all the participating works in the exhibition, which will be on the second floor of the house PLOVEDIV (ul. “Kurtevich” №3, Kapana, Plovdiv). from June 10th to the 19th.