Take part in DIPLOMATIC SHORTCUTS workshop

ONE DESIGN WEEK 2016 starts in couple of weeks and days before the start of the festival for contemporary design and visual culture between 5-12th of June, you have the chance to participate in Diplomatic Shortcuts workshop. The German designer Johannes Tolk, together with his colleague Doris Wietfeldt will run the Diplomatic Shortcuts workshop.

The aim is to work with the local community and context, engaging in the topics that reflect the local needs. Within the workshop design is used as an instrument to initiate dialogue and to solve problems related to the cultural differences between the people in our multicultural societies. According to the workshop’s facilitators, people are surrounded by culture, but have lost their ability to consider and reflect upon it. Culture forms the way we communicate and interact with others and determines the way we perceive our surroundings. The question is how culture can solve issues related to the differences between people. Through creative approaches, the participants in the workshop will go through a learning process that will open them up towards the emotional and cognitive aspects of our everyday culture. This teaches them to develop and use design methodology to initiate dialogue when confronted with differences.

The results of the workshop will be presented on June 13th ,17:00-18:00 in Lotus Hall, “Hr.G.Danov” 34 str.

Send your applications with subject DIPLOMATIC SHORTCUTS at: workshops@onedesignweek.com

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