The artists from Materiality Brutality project talk about their work on the project

Video by Vladislav Sevov

The project intends to present the alternative and emerging face of Nordic Design, while collectively exploring new approaches in the use of materials. We have sought out designers from Iceland, Finland, Norway and Sweden who challenge established norms of design through their work, allowing curiosity and possibility to lead the way.

Thórunn Árnadóttir (Iceland), Kirsi Enkovaara (Finland), Kaja Solgaard (Norway), Kristoffer Sundin (Sweden) have been specifically selected and invited as representatives of a new generation of Nordic designers. Their work challenges the common concept of Nordic design practices, usually associated with well-considered and measured forms. During the 10 day workshop part of the project, the designers focus on one kind of material in particular – concrete. They explore new opportunities within its constraints and allow their findings shape the final product. The project intendeds to shift the common perceptions of concrete among its users – designers, engineers and the public, continuing its long history of use.

Mila Chorbadzhieva – a bulgarian designer based in the Netherlands – joins the experiment as a project coordinator. While working on one of her thesis at the Design Academy in Eindhoven, Mila develops a soft spot for concrete, and is currently exploring the material and the opportunities it has to offer herself.

The visitors will have the opportunity to follow the work process and its results, which could be in the form of a finished object, a prototype, or a materialization of the research.

The project has been realized with the support of the Nordic Culture Fund.