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This is Plovdiv – ancient and eternal , magic and reality … Throughout history Plovdiv bore different names: Kendrissos, Evmolpias, Philippopolis, Pulpudeva, Trimontsium, Ulpia, Flavia Julia, Plapdiv, Puldin, Ploudin, Filibe and others.

It is the second largest city in Bulgaria with a population of 368,469 people, accounting for 4.6% of the total of the country. Plovdiv is the administrative center of Plovdiv , Municipality Plovdiv, Maritsa Municipality and Municipality Rodopi . The city is built at the foot of the seven hills , which is why it is often called “The City in the hills “ or “ seven hills “ .

Situated in the west of the Bulgarian part of Thrace, passed through it largest river in Bulgaria – Maritsa . So naturally the city is divided into two parts. North of Maritsa is located only region “ North ‘’ , also known by its old name Karshiaka and to the south is the main part of the city, including the other five regions .


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Transport to and from


— From Sofia Airport

Sofia Airport provides daily flights from and to many cities all over the world. Plovdiv is only a 70-minute-drive away from the airport. Sofia Airport provides all services necessary for completing your transfer.

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Bus line No.84 links the airport with the city centre .

You have to get off at Hotel Pliska bus stop and change to bus line No.213 or 305 for the Central Bus Station and The Central Railway Station.

— From Plovdiv Airport

Plovdiv Airport (Airport Krumovo) is located 10 km from the city.

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— From Central Bus Station Sofia

There is a bus going from Sofia to Plovdiv every hour.

Last stop in Plovdiv – bus station South (Yug).

Trip duration – 2 hours.

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— Other bus stations in the country

To see all direct bus lines from other cities visit or

Over 80 settlements have direct bus line to Plovdiv.


— From Central Railway Station Sofia

You can take both direct express or fast trains travelling from Sofia to Plovdiv and trains travelling the lines Sofia – Svilengrad and Sofia – Burgas.

The trip duration is 2,30 hours.

— From other railway stations

The towns that have direct railroad connection with Plovdiv are Burgas, Svilengrad, Karlovo, Panagyurishte, Peshtera, Hisar and Asenovgrad as well as many towns in Europe and the Middle East.

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