– Can I help you?

Design is powerful tool that gives shape to almost every aspect of our life. It molds the tangible and intangible at all scales – from the spoon to the city – being an inherent part of our everyday: work, free time, traffic, buildings, communication, food production, waste management and even our relationships. In this manner designers nowadays play a valuable role in the reconfiguration of society.

ONE DESIGN WEEK wants to spark a dialogue. We invite experts from the fields of science, literature, music, dance, film, journalism and politics to respond to the presented projects and start a conversation with the public. The intention is to measure what contemporary design is and what impact it has on our life.
“Can I help you?” is a question that implies an open invitation for a conversation between designers and the people they serve – everyone.
For its eighth edition, ONE DESIGN WEEK takes a multidisciplinary approach that both challenges and fulfils the potential of the festival as a platform where a diversity of perspectives, narratives and audiences meet to find a common language.
Designers will engage with the local context to work on topics that reflect its demands. This will be the base for various events, workshops, exhibitions, interventions, open discussions and lectures that will happen between the 10th and the 19th of June in Plovdiv.