Local Food Design 2016

The bazaar LOCAL FOOD DESIGN 2016 is a new initiative of LOCAL FOOD Foundation, to be held during the festival One Design Week with the support of America for Bulgaria Foundation and the Municipality of Plovdiv.

Dates: June 17 – 19

Location: “Magura” Str. & “Bratya Pulievi ” Str. in the neighborhood Kapana / Plovdiv

Media partners: Farmer BG – Social Network Bulgarian farmers, mediacafe.bg, Organichno.kom – Organichno.com, Pod Tepeto (www.podtepeto.com)

LOCAL FOOD DESIGN 2016 will present original works of farming, handicraft and rural food with a focus on their beautiful appearance and packaging, characterizing the face of tradition, rural culture and manual work. Participating with be producers, chefs and amateurs from across the country with productions in both traditional forms and innovative rustic design.

Involved in this event unique for Bulgaria will be small local food producers, enthusiasts and home chefs, foodies and bloggers, craft beer workshops, small and organic wineries across the country. They will be presented in the following thematic areas:

    Presentation of beautifully crafted breads, cakes and pies prioritizing natural ingredients and technologies.
    Presentation of beautifully crafted pastries, cakes, tarts, creams, candies, etc. prioritizing natural ingredients and technologies.
    Presentation of beautifully crafted jars with jam, honey and chutneys, made with homemade technologies. Only productions from their own farming are allowed.
    Everything else not included in the other categories – meat and dairy products, nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables, etc., produced using sustainable agriculture and homemade, traditional technologies. The beautiful design and manufacture of products and packaging will be presented.
    Presentation of craft beer, farmer and organic wines with designer labels.

In addition to attract the public to the diversity of local foods, the initiative also develops a message to the manufacturers, encouraging them to be more creative in their execution. For this, the best designs in 5 product categories will be awarded by the public on June 19 with the special trophies “BEST LOCAL FOOD DESIGN 2016”

Application for participation:  Candidates who meet the criteria of the event can send an e-mail to office@localfood.bg with a brief description of their activity; Photos of the products to be entered; town / village, where they were produced; telephone and mail contact. All applicants will undergo a pre-selection by visual assessment of the products.

Application deadline: April 30, 2016

Participation Fees:  Participation is free.
LocalFood.bg Foundation will raise voluntary contributions to the fund, with which the 5 Awarded Trophies for the individual product categories with be ordered.
We suggest donations from 20 to 50 BGN per the desire and willingness of each participant.
The deadline for contributions is May 31st, the bank account will be announced to applicants in April.

Accommodation in Plovdiv:  Responsibility of the participants.

For questions and more information:
Gergana Kabaivanova
Tel .: 0888 402 997