PERSONAL GEOMETRY: human-centered bicycles

The newest project of  RADEV – for unique bike frames, designed to meet any requirement, need or wish of the owner – has recently launched a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter. To reach its goal of €285,000 the studio has 22 days left. Support them to receive one of the great prizes, they have put together for each backer.

RADEV is a design studio, that puts the emphasis on people and creates bike frames, inspired by the personal geometry of the user. That allows a comparatively independent choice of a frame (material, structure, form, colour, visual identity, etc.), depending on the user’s daily habits, wishes and style.

It all comes down to the idea, that none of the elements are irreplaceable, RADEV‘s frames consist of different pipes and joints, allowing personalization in almost any possible way. Each set could be wholly dismantled. Compact and easily portable, it fits perfectly in a 25-litre backpack or almost in a 15-litre one. Apart from that, all parts could be replaced at any given time, according to the customer’s needs and regardless of the reason. Could be after a damage or simply having a new idea, such as switching the aluminium with a titanium frame, or one from carbon, due to a change in the daily routine or just a necessity of a lighter bicycle.

The studio bases their projects on the future customer and their personal needs. Each frame (size, shape, colour, etc. of the pipes and joints) is produced with measures from the client, taken in advance, to turn it all in a one-a-kind experience. That shifts our attention from the product itself – the frame and the bike – and draws it to the formation of values as a care for the world, ourselves and the nature; love, devotion and style, and personal decisions. To create the perfect bicycle frames – especially designed for the customer and meeting all their requirements,  RADEV accents on each bike rider with attention to the tiniest detail.