contest#03: Jubilee poster: 50 years from the launch of Bombichka

On account of its 50th jubilee, Bombichkata (literally the bomb) returns in its original style – the emblematic bottle and the original taste of Shumensko Specialty Brew. In order to celebrate in a proper manner, Shumensko, in collaboration with ONE DESIGN WEEK, invites all visual artists to get inspired by the 60s and the 70s and to join in the creation of a series of anniversary posters.

Prize: 12 monetary rewards and a lot of other surprises

Dates: 17.05.2016 – 05.06.2016


Rules: download

Additional materials: download

The 12 best works will be included in an exhibition bearing the same name. It will take place as part of the programme of the festival ONE DESIGN WEEK (10-19 JUNE). Furthermore, their authors will receive a monetary reward, as well as the opportunity to be subsequently included an anniversary calendar, distributed throughout the entire country. The winners will also have the chance to visit the largest event within the festival ONE DESIGN WEEK, i.e. the professional forum, which will take place on the 18 of June, 2016 at Boris Hristov Cultural House, Plovdiv. The winning posters will be selected by a jury, consisting of organizing team members of the festival, representatives from Shumensko and the creative agency Noble Graphics.


Bombichkata (translated as the bomb), is completely in line with the style of its epoch, with an original label and bottle cap. Some interesting facts about the product:

  • Shumensko Specialty Brew’s Bombichkata was launched on the market in 1966 and turned into the first national beer of Bulgaria;
  • Bombichkata became the official beer of the famous tourist agency BalkanTours and the national airline carrier, then called Balkan;
  • During the 80s Bombichkata was awarded with 5 gold medals and a ‘palm tree’ by the World Quality Organization “Monde Selection”.


Shumensko and ONE DESIGN WEEK are seeking 12 posters, sized 50×70 or 70×50 centimeters, which have to be: (1) creative and original works, (2) in line with the aesthetics of the 60s and 70s in Bulgaria and (3) dedicated to the jubilee of Bombichkata.

The works can combine graphical images with text or can include only one of these. We are seeking particular typographical fonts, vivid colours and interesting symbols, as well as a contemporary interpretation and a distinct artistic mark. The posters can be created digitally through the use of graphic design techniques or can be analogous – through traditional techniques and calligraphy.


Each author can send up to 3 suggested entries to the email: until 23:59 on the 5 of June, 2016. Those suggestions received after the said deadline will not be considered for participation on the contest.  Both individuals and artist collectives with more than one member can participate. To submit your entries you need to electronically send the following components:

  1. Full name, phone number, e-mail address accompanied by a short intro to the author/ collective of up to 800 signs, as well as a description of the concept of the artwork (up to 800 sings).
  2. A file with the visual and graphical materials of the poster. Format 50x70cm. or 70×50 cm. Quality and print settings – 300 dpi resolution and CMYK colour scheme.

By submitting their works for participation in the contest, all candidates also agree that their posters can be used for the purpose of the contest and its follow-up exhibitions and can be included as part of the post-contest jubilee calendar.


All submitted entries will be evaluated by representatives from Shumensko, ONE DESIGN WEEK and the creative agency Noble Graphics on the 6 of June, 2016. On the following day, June 7, the names of all the selected winners will be announced on the webpage of the festival and will be posted on the wall of the contest event page.


On the 7 of June, 2016 the names of the 12 winners in the contest will be announced. Each of them will receive: (1) a monetary award, (2) participation in an exhibition during ONE DESIGN WEEK (3) participation in an anniversary calendar of Shumensko (4) accreditation pass for the professional forum of ONE DESIGN WEEK, which will take place on the 18 of June, 2016 at Boris Hristov Cultural House in Plovdiv.
(1) Monetary prizes: 

  • First place – monetary award of 1000 (a thousand) BGN
  • Second place – monetary award of 700 (seven hundred) BGN
  • Third place – monetary award of 400 (four hundred) BGN
  • From 4 to 12 place – monetary award of 100 (one hundred) BGN

(2) Participation in an exhibition during ONE DESIGN WEEK festival (10-19 June, 2016 in Plovdiv):

The 12 selected works and their authors will be exhibited in an exhibition, bearing the same name as that of the contest, within the programme of the international festival  for contemporary design and visual culture- ONE DESIGN WEEK. The exhibition “Anniversary poster: 50 years since the creation of Bombichkata will be held on the second floor of the house of PLOVEDIV ( No.3 Kurtevich St, Kapana Neighbourhood, Plovdiv). The entrance to the exposition will be free of charge from the 10 to the 19 June (working hours are: 1100-1900)

(3) Inclusion in an anniversary calendar of Shumensko:

Apart from the above-mentioned prizes, the 12 winning posters will be included in the official advertising calendar of Shumensko Specialty Brew for the year 2017, which will be distributed across the country.

(4) Accreditation passes for the professional design forum:

Each of the 12 winning contestants will win a free accreditation pass for the biggest event of the festival – the international professional design forum with 6 lecturers who will talk about the latest tendencies and ideas in their respective fields. The lecturers are: Eisuke Tachikawa (product design, spatial design, architecture), Adam von Haffner (strategic communications), Alice Rawsthorn ( design critique), Peter Marigold (product and furniture design), Steven Serrato (graphic design), Pieter- Jan Pieters (music and sound design).


In order to send your final entries, containing the 2 mandatory components for participation – (1) intro to the author/s, description of the concept and (2) visual material/s; write to

For questions, uncertainties and comments write again to the same address:

For up-to-date information follow ONE DESIGN WEEK’s webpage and the contest event page.